How Microdosing a Cactus can have a Maximum Impact on Your Performance.

Are you looking for a boost? Want a way to enhance your creativity while experiencing a higher sense of self-awareness. You still want to be you, only better. A higher functioning, more creative, and more connected you. At Live More Perfect Days we’re testing new and innovative ways to optimize our human experience. How we can show up better in our businesses, families and communities.

This month we’re calling #MicrodoseMay. Every few days we’ll take a microdose of San Pedro (a psychedelic cactus) before a work session and measure and document our experience.

Gareth did a vlog a while back on the strange labelling and use of the word “drugs”. In this edition of Lifestyle Designer’s Digest we explore microsoding and its potential as a Lifestyle Design tool.  So, we’re planning to take drugs eight times in the month of May!

How microdosing a cactus can have a maximum impact on your performance.

The benefits of psychedelic microdosing are being harnessed in countless creative industries for its ability to provide hours of uninterrupted concentration without altering the outward state of a person. Micro-dosing is taking a low dose of a natural psychoactive substance to boost creative consciousness and overall life balance. The doses used in micro-dosing are too low to promote intoxication but they do improve focus and creative ability while providing emotional balance and a sense of personal wellness.

The idea behind micro-dosing is not new. Dr James Fadiman first began his research into the effects of psychedelics in the 1960s. He gave doses of various substances to scientists and mathematicians to monitor the effects it would have on their creative problem-solving. He concluded that micro-dosing can rebalance people and aligning their bodies to a more natural state.

One of the most popular substances used in modern-day microdosing is San Pedro. Cacti such as San Pedro and Peyote have been used for thousands of years in traditional spiritual journeys and religious ceremonies. The key to the effectiveness of San Pedro lies in the Mescaline content. The power of which has been harnessed by many entrepreneurs to increase productivity as well as creativity.

What exactly is San Pedro?

San Pedro or Huachuma as it is traditionally known is a light green, nearly spineless variant of the cactus family. It features nocturnal blossoms and can grow more than five meters tall. Its native environment is high on the hills of the Andes mountains some 6 500 to 9 700 feet above sea level. Today this member of the cacti family is cultivated in many areas around the world.

Comparing San Pedro to Other Psychedelics / How does San Pedro Measure Up?

Our uniqueness means that we all have different tolerances and different reactions to stimuli. This means that no two people will experience their microdosing journey in the same way. Many people have found San Pedro to be more reliable than other substances. Having said this, there are a few aspects that set San Pedro micro-doses apart from other psychedelics.


The effects of San Pedro last anything from 10 to 12 hours. Of this time, the peak and where you stand to harness the most productivity would be around seven hours. With other psychedelics, you’re looking at six to eight hours of effect with around three to four hours of productive awakening.  


Those who have tried San Pedro, as well as other psychedelics, say the effect of the Mescaline allows for more control. In essence, other psychedelics including LSD feel as though you are guided through your day, whereas San Pedro gives you the feeling that you are guiding your day. San Pedro also lacks the edginess of other stimulants allowing for more fluid management of your day.

Recommended Dosage / How Much and When to Take San Pedro

Taking a micro-dose is exactly that, a micro amount or small segment. This would usually be between a 10th and 20th of a regular full dose. San Pedro should also be used following a schedule with regular intervals, taking a micro-dose every three days and not for longer than three months at a time. The effects of San Pedro will be felt 15 to 45 minutes after taking a microdose with the peak performance kicking at around three hours.

Dr Fadiman suggests micro-dosing at intervals of no less than three days. This would mean you take a micro-dose on day one and again on day four. Nothing should be taken on days two and three. It is also recommended that dosages are taken early in the morning to avoid effects lasting late into the night.

One of the most popular best practices for taking a microdose of San Pedro is to fast for around 12 hours before taking it. This will counteract the possibility of nausea as well as increase the rate of absorption. Once taken, it’s best to not jump right into your day, rather spend a little time if self-reflection or meditation, this is a great time to run through your pregame for the day.

Positive Effects of San Pedro / Pros of Taking San Pedro

Before we get into what makes microdosing San Pedro such a powerful tool for your day, let look at how it affects our minds. Under controlled circumstances and when used correctly San Pedro can be life-changing. When San Pedro is ingested it activates the area of the brain which controls our sense of self. When stimulated it is this area of our brain that allows us to feel connected.

Some of the positive effects experienced by people when using San Pedro include heightened mental clarity, self-reflection, better mood, enhanced creativity, lucid dreams, and the ability to be more sociable. In several groundbreaking studies, micro-dosing has been used to treat those with high-functioning anxiety, varying levels of depression as well as those suffering from addiction.

The Fine Print

Despite it’s availability, San Pedro and many of these plants are still illegal in many countries. So please apply all the normal disclaimers. 

  • This is not medical advice
  • We’re not experts on this subject
  • Do not try this unless you’ve done your own research and feel comfortable this is a path you want to undertake.
  • Make sure you’ve spoken to a medical professional that you trust before consuming any psychedelics 

San Pedro does come with an unwritten disclaimer. Microdosing is by no means a one size fits all solution for getting everything you want out of life. Overstimulation is a possibility. Those who have a history of mental illness including bipolar disorders and psychosis should avoid any sort of psychedelic stimulants including San Pedro, even in microdoses.

Another important thing to remember is that no one micro-dose journey will be the same as the next one. Many variables including quantity and quality of the product as well as your surroundings will influence the experience for individuals. Getting it wrong, even slightly, can mean you’re giving up the change for real connection and switching it up with disappointment. But, despite the potential risks, many are fluting the cautionary warnings to reap the benefits of microdosing.


People around the world are turning to micro-dosing, not to escape their lives, but to live better, more fulfilled lives. Research into the use of Mescaline, even in small doses has by no means been completed. Researchers have only just begun to understand the powerful abilities of San Pedro. Before setting out on any micro-dosing journey consult your doctor.

Follow our journey. 

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